We provide smart communication solutions.

You need to connect with the people who will buy your products or use your services. And not just connect, but connect in a way that gets their attention and inspires them to act. At Similar Blue, we’re here to help our clients do just that.

We’ll collaborate with you to: learn about what you do and what makes it better than your competition; identify your target customer and challenges; build a strategy; and ultimately, take your business to the next level by creating smart, effective and comprehensive design solutions.

We believe in...

//  Asking the hard questions to get to the right solutions.

//  Being a reliable, long-term partner.

//  Providing value that helps to strengthen and grow our clients’ businesses.

//  Respecting our environment, timelines and bottom lines.

//  Caring about your business as much as you do.

...which will ultimately deliver a strong return on your investment in us.

Our experience runs deep.

Similar Blue is located in the LoDo / Union Station neighborhood of Denver. We came to Colorado in 2007 in order to live and work in a place bathed in sunshine and filled with people who truly believe in collaboration and living to make things happen. It’s been a dream come true.

Our team has many years of experience working for design firms, automotive companies and advertising agencies, large and small. Titles we’ve collectively held: Studio Artist and Studio Manager, Graphic Designer, Design Sculptor, Studio Photographer, Director of Creative Services and Managing Director.

In our corporate careers, we had the privilege of working for companies like BBDO, Chiat Day, Team Detroit, Team One and Y&R Brands as well as Aston Martin, BMW and the Ford Motor Company.

Before we came to Colorado, we lived and worked in Los Angeles, Irvine and Detroit. We love to travel, and we’ve had our eyes opened by spending time working in Europe (England, Germany and Italy) and taking a 6-month sabbatical in Asia.

What does all this mean?

Similar Blue is the design studio to partner with if you’re looking to work with creative, talented and down-to-earth people with loads of real world experience.